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Perfect for holding your gym clothes and accessories, the BULK POWDERS Gym Bag is a durable and functional bag made from 100% polyester. The bag is designed with a detachable shoulder strap and twin handles making it super easy to carry around with you. The zip top opening ensures your items are fully secure with

Protein Mug Meals

WHAT ARE PROTEIN MUG MEALS? Protein Mug Meals are an amazing new convenience offering to the Active Foods range, by BULK POWDERS. Protein Mug Meals provide you with an incredible 21g of protein per meal, from high quality Pea Protein. What’s more, these meals are really easy to prepare: simply add boiling water and allow

Protein Mug Cake Mix

WHAT IS PROTEIN MUG CAKE MIX? Each serving of BULK POWDERS Protein Mug Cake Mix provides an ultra-convenient, high protein cake in a mug, which is ready in under 60 seconds. With each cake providing 24g protein with as little as 2.5g sugar, hitting your protein requirements has never been so delicious! BULK POWDERS Protein

1 Calorie Spray

WHAT IS 1 CALORIE SPRAY? Sourced from 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, BULK POWDERS 1 Calorie Spray is the finest way to control your calories whilst adding astounding flavour to your food. As the name suggests, each spray provides just 1.7kcals, so that you know exactly how many calories you are adding to your meals.

High Protein Cookies (Box of 12)

WHAT ARE HIGH PROTEIN COOKIES? BULK POWDERS High Protein Cookies are delicious soft-baked and ready to eat protein cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies are high in protein, sourced from a combination of high-quality Milk Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Concentrate. Each cookie provides over 27g protein which will contribute to the growth and maintenance

High Protein Cookie Sample

WHAT ARE HIGH PROTEIN COOKIES? BULK POWDERS High Protein Cookies are delicious soft-baked and ready to eat protein cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies are high in protein, sourced from a combination of high-quality Milk Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Concentrate. Each cookie provides over 27g protein which will contribute to a growth and

BULK POWDERS Half Gallon Water Bottle Pure Series 2.2 litre

BULK POWDERS Half Gallon Water Bottle is made for absolute convenience to ensure you consume your fluid intake throughout the day and during training. The BULK POWDERS Half Gallon Water Bottle can hold up to 2.2 litres of water and is super easy to transport around with you. Perfect for the gym, long treks, or

High Protein Bagels

WHAT ARE HIGH PROTEIN BAGELS? Now making it even easier to increase your daily protein intake, BULK POWDERS High Protein Bagels have been specifically developed to provide more protein than any standard supermarket bagel. We have carefully chosen and sourced the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best tasting bagels around! High Protein Bagels are

Shaker Bottle Black 700ml

This BULK POWDERS Shaker Bottle is a genuine Original MixMaster Shaker from Buchsteiner in Germany – now available in this eye-catching and sleek black colourway. It is guaranteed leak-proof and dishwasher friendly, at an ultra-low price. Complete with the BULK POWDERS logo printed on the side and matching black lid, this shaker bottle is a

Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure) Chewable Tablets

WHAT ARE CREATINE MONOHYDRATE (CREAPURE) CHEWABLE TABLETS? Bursting with citrus flavour, Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure) Chewable Tablets are a convenient and tasty way of adding Creatine to your diet. Each chewable tablet contains a huge 1g Creatine Monohydrate and is individually wrapped for freshness – it really is the easiest and tastiest way to consume Creatine!

Organic Baobab Powder

What is Organic Baobab Powder? An icon of the African Savannah, the Baobab tree produces hard fruit with a soft and nutritious pulp. This very pulp is used to produce a nutritious powder, providing an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Baobab is also the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on its branch,

Diet Rice

WHAT IS DIET RICE? If you’re trying to keep carbohydrate intake low, chances are your plate looks a little empty with just some protein and vegetables on it. Diet Rice not only helps to fill up your plate but it also helps to fill you up! The difference is that unlike normal rice, Diet Rice

Organic Lucuma Powder

What is Organic Lucuma Powder? BULK POWDERS Lucuma Powder is a 100% pure source of this impressive fruit. Sourced from organic farms in central Peru, the Lucuma fruit is a raw yet nutrient dense fruit. This exotic Peruvian fruit has a bright yellow flesh and provides a pleasant fruity flavour with a hint of caramel. It

Organic Chlorella Tablets 500mg

What Are organic Chlorella Tablets 500mg? Chlorella Algae is a nutrient rich, blue to green algae, commonly found in both subtropical and tropical waters. Affluent in its nutritional value, the Chlorella cell is protected by a tough wall, which is broken using high impact jet spraying. This broken cell wall preserves the nutritional integrity of

BULK POWDERS Training Belt

BULK POWDERS Training Belt is ideal for anyone who would like lumbar support during their workout, but does not want a belt as wide or rigid as our Weightlifting Belt. The Training Belt can be used by almost all gym goers: from Olympic weightlifters to bodybuilders. The Training Belt has been designed for a more

Glucomannan (Konjac) Capsules 500mg

WHAT ARE GLUCOMANNAN (KONJAC) CAPSULES? Glucomannan (Konjac) is a form of water soluble fibre sourced from the rhizomes of the Amorphophalli Konjac plant, generally found in South-East Asia. In the context of an energy restricted diet, it has been shown to contribute to weight loss at a dose of 3g per day spread evenly across

Coconut Peanut Butter

WHAT IS COCONUT PEANUT BUTTER? ACTIVE FOODS Coconut Peanut Butter provides a delicious butter combining the finest whole roasted peanuts with natural coconut and finished with a hint of honey for sweetness. Made bespoke in the UK, each tub has been freshly made by hand to deliver a supreme butter with a smooth, buttery texture.

Protein Soup Mix

WHAT IS PROTEIN SOUP MIX? Adding warmth to your days, ACTIVE FOODS Protein Soup Mix creates a delicious soup which is packed full of protein and flavour. Made in just a few minutes, Protein Soup Mix can be consumed throughout the day for a comforting meal to support your daily protein intake. Simply mix the

Complete Energy Gels (Box of 20)

What are Complete Energy Gels? Designed for both training and competition, BULK POWDERS Complete Energy Gels deliver a combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and B Vitamins to support performance and muscle recovery. Packed into a convenient sized, squeezy sachet, Complete Energy Gels are easy to carry on you and are ideal to consume during and after


What is L-Lysine? L-Lysine is an essential amino acid; which means it cannot be synthesised by the body and must be consumed in the diet. For this reason it is often recommended to supplement with Lysine to ensure that you are obtaining sufficient amounts. Lysine can be found in foods such as beans, cheese, yoghurt,